The design of this concept phone is very similar to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, except for a few essential changes.
Beside a new fresh look, this time both sides of the screen are curved and both side areas are active and usable,
so it doesn’t matter if you are left handed or right handed you can use the handset with no worries.

The second thing that this concept stands out is portable external USB 3.0 memory.
There’s 64 GB of internal storage and 512 GB of external memory with 240 Mb/s reading and 160 Mb/s writing speed, protected by 128 bit encryption. Now you can transfer all of your work or personal data between home and the office easier, faster and safer and store old data with no hesitation wherever you go.

In order to take the external memory off, all you need to do is press a physical button.
The best thing is that the phone still operates with the external memory removed, so your calls, messages and emails are never interrupted. When external memory is placed back, you get compact and firm device on which you can always rely on.
Meet Samsung S Guardian … your new personal assistant.


Pushing the limits with Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to a New Level