Be different …


Over the past few years, smartphones have started to look more or less the same. But every once in a while we come across a concept smartphone which proves that its possible to create something inspiring and beautiful. Recently, we came across a concept device called Meizu Hydra. This particular concept phone was designed by Hege and the idea is pretty cool and hence.

The facade uses black and two shades of gray, the back uses one or two colors and five different color variants on the side of the phone. The striking design feature of the device is its curved shape at the bottom. This gives it a distinct look as compared to other phones in the market. The edges on the bottom part of the phone are all gently curved and the position of the speakers are set up to provide the perfect sound. Also, it is said that the phone will come in a few different materials.

Of course, this is just a basic concept design and we think it’s good to see that there are enthusiasts in the market who are ready to show off their own creations.

12Meizu Hydra