The Gamers Phone

The  ASUS Z2 POSEIDON  was designed with extreme Gamers in mind.

It’s equipped with a special  Fujitsu Loop Heat Pipe  to keep processor cool, make the device run smoothly all the time and always meet the needs of gaming. In addition, the device also has a  Air Cooling System  that will naturally push out all the heat from the battery and other components directly through the holes placed on each side of the phone ( via pipes from the middle of the handset or half shape pipes placed side by side, right next to the back cover ).  ASUS Z2 POSEIDON  sports top-shelf hardware, it has thin bezels and four front-firing speakers for the ultimate gaming experience.

Three models are available for the  ASUS Z2 POSEIDON  and in six different colors, carved out of Anodized Aluminum and Brushed Aluminum with Engraved Logos.  Anti Dust Mesh Grill is available in Black and Gray and the color of the physical buttons varies depending on the model.

Also, three different colors for the speaker frame is what separates them from one another.

Z2 Poseidon