Shadow info & specs

Sony Shadow 7

SONY SHADOW is about comfort, more free space for your fingers, roomier and clearer screen when playing games, watching videos, surfing or just texting.

“Royole” has developed World’s thinnest full color display, measuring 0.01 mm in thickness, so why not use it !?

Shadow has two such screen panels and when they’re fully opened, the display at the top can be lifted up to 45 degree angle for more comfortable viewing. Shadow’s second display, act as a touch based game-pad and keyboard. Several different options would be available when it comes to the control schemes and colors.

Users would be able to switch fast between gaming and texting as well due to the nature of the secondary display. LED notification alert is placed at an angle, to ensure you’ll see it whether it’s upside down or right side up. Touch-pad for scrolling is on the left side of the keyboard and on the right side you can find the zoom and enter buttons. Physical power and volume buttons are integrated into the metal side frame, also the ear speaker is integrated into the front facing speaker on top.

Shadow has a removable battery and it’s very easy to replace with another one and also to carry one with you. There is also one more small subsidiary battery, build in within the phone itself, which will provide just enough fuel and give the user just enough time to replace the batteries without restarting the device.

As for the specs, Sony Shadow would be fast with a Snapdragon 830 CPU, together with 6GB of RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat OS, protected by Gorilla Glass 6. It will also have an 8MP camera on the front for selfies, a 16MP rear camera and Dual Front-Facing speakers, all wrapped in metal body.