Introducing ASUS Z-LUXX

ASUS Z-LUXX      Fashionable Lap Tops, Tablets, Smartphones, Covers and Cases.



The design of the  ASUS Z-LUXX  carries modern influences, unique look that gives it a universal and stylish appeal. With its functionality, harmonious beauty and elegant lines,  ASUS Z-LUXX  is designed for luxurious modern life style.
Ergonomic rounded edges provide a better grip, premium look and feel, balancing beauty and strength for both Women and Men. ASUS Z-LUXX  has a huge variety of different patterns, materials and vibrant colors to reflect their personality and style.

Materials :  Aluminum and Brushed Metal combined with Premium Leather.
Colors :  Men edition: Black, Gray and Silver. Women edition: Purple, White and Red.

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