BlackBerry ACCESS concept is a sidekick phone, upgraded with a modern slim design, new tech and specifications.

It features a physical QWERTY keyboard underneath the screen, along with adjacent TOUCHPADS to allow the device to function in a multitude of different orientations.

This sliding design is part of a larger movement towards flipping, folding and shifting smartphones to offer consumers a new albeit familiar product worth upgrading to.

BlackBerry ACCESS is finished with a curved frame and has an ultra-slim design to make it more comfortable to hold for extended periods.

R A Z E R _ 2 S


Introducing  R A Z E R  2 S

Razer 2S is way different from the original Razer Phone, as well as the upcoming Razer Phone 2. It comes in two variants ( 2 models ) and both devices have cut off edges, the rear bottom part and considerably thinner bezels above and below the display.

The layout of Dual Cameras with flash on the back is also different on both of devices.
On the front, there are Single Cameras with flash on each model and a different design of Dual front-facing stereo speakers. Because this is a gaming smartphone, Razer 2S is expected to be powered by the latest Snapdragon 855 and 10 GB of RAM

A liquid cooling system is also a part of the package to prevent overheating during gaming sessions. Razer 2S feature a metal body and a large Razer logo on the back on both models. The audio jack is also a part of the package. On one of these two phones an audio jack is placed on the top and on the other, on the bottom. Razer 2S sports a 6-inch Super AMOLED display with 120 mhz Refresh rates and huge 4,500 mAh battery.

Introducing ASUS Z-LUXX

ASUS Z-LUXX      Fashionable Lap Tops, Tablets, Smartphones, Covers and Cases.



The design of the  ASUS Z-LUXX  carries modern influences, unique look that gives it a universal and stylish appeal. With its functionality, harmonious beauty and elegant lines,  ASUS Z-LUXX  is designed for luxurious modern life style.
Ergonomic rounded edges provide a better grip, premium look and feel, balancing beauty and strength for both Women and Men. ASUS Z-LUXX  has a huge variety of different patterns, materials and vibrant colors to reflect their personality and style.

Materials :  Aluminum and Brushed Metal combined with Premium Leather.
Colors :  Men edition: Black, Gray and Silver. Women edition: Purple, White and Red.

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