Introducing HUAWEI MATE X 2030


HUAWEI MATE 2030 concept smartphone is a redesign of the foldable MATE X, except this one has a flexible pull up screen and a flexible pull up frames. The side edges on HUAWEI 2030 concept design are curved. The bottom and top frames are bigger for the foldable screen placement, along with the front facing camera and the notification alert. The first half of the screen is non flexible, the other half is flexible.


Meet Lamborghini Mist !


You can find more images of Lamborghini Mist in the Gallery



Sony Xperia Beyond is treated with a brand new approach. It has some major changes design wise, particularly on the rear side. There is a triple back camera with Exmor RS, Bionz and Zeiss branding as a ‘reminder’. Blocky and angular format with the side buttons makes the device feel a bit more serious. There is a bi-tonal approach here, as one half of the phone is black and the other is white. Upfront, Sony Xperia Beyond has dual stereo speakers and dual cameras under the screen. Very special thanks to Android Headlines, Concept Phones and other sites for publishing Sony Xperia Beyond.




V3 is bazel-less concept phone with only and just ear speakers on the front.
There is a mechanical pop up front facing camera with a small V logo on the rear.
Device sports a 6.6” screen and in display fingerprint scanner.
On the right, left and bottom sides, there is an anti slippery material for better and more comfortable grip for much lesser chance for the phone falling out from hands.
Anti slippery material can be find in several different colors, just like the phone it self, especially the rear two tone part.

VIVO NEX V3 is equipped with 5000 mAh removable battery. Slide in rear metal cover is secured with 2 bolts placed at the bottom of the phone, next to dual audio speakers and the USB type-c. On the back of the device there are Dual cameras and just next to it, Dual LED flesh and microphone. The sides of the phone and back cover are made out of metal, the top rear part is made out of Corning Gorilla Glass.
Audio jack is placed on the top side of the phone.




BlackBerry ACCESS concept is a sidekick phone, upgraded with a modern slim design, new tech and specifications.

It features a physical QWERTY keyboard underneath the screen, along with adjacent TOUCHPADS to allow the device to function in a multitude of different orientations.

This sliding design is part of a larger movement towards flipping, folding and shifting smartphones to offer consumers a new albeit familiar product worth upgrading to.

BlackBerry ACCESS is finished with a curved frame and has an ultra-slim design to make it more comfortable to hold for extended periods.

R A Z E R _ 2 S


Introducing  R A Z E R  2 S

Razer 2S is way different from the original Razer Phone, as well as the upcoming Razer Phone 2. It comes in two variants ( 2 models ) and both devices have cut off edges, the rear bottom part and considerably thinner bezels above and below the display.

The layout of Dual Cameras with flash on the back is also different on both of devices.
On the front, there are Single Cameras with flash on each model and a different design of Dual front-facing stereo speakers. Because this is a gaming smartphone, Razer 2S is expected to be powered by the latest Snapdragon 855 and 10 GB of RAM

A liquid cooling system is also a part of the package to prevent overheating during gaming sessions. Razer 2S feature a metal body and a large Razer logo on the back on both models. The audio jack is also a part of the package. On one of these two phones an audio jack is placed on the top and on the other, on the bottom. Razer 2S sports a 6-inch Super AMOLED display with 120 mhz Refresh rates and huge 4,500 mAh battery.