BUGATTI,  a French manufacturer of high-performance, luxurious and limited production sports cars, known for their design beauty, power and speed…
For those who are not familiar, Bugatti also has a collection of Men and Women high-quality clothes and accessories…but, you must agree
that one thing is missing in their collection and that’s a Bugatti smartphone!

So here it is. This is my vision of Bugatti CHRONOS.



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The ASUS Ecchellon X One design is counterculture to more simplistic smartphones with a more muscular aesthetic and attractive new type of uni-body chassis.
The body is made of metal, except for the bottom part on the right corner of the device, that comes in a variety of colors and different materials and the ‘ A ‘ logo – made of special anti slip materials for better grip and to give the Ecchellon that special feel when holding the handset.
The bottom part on the Ecchellon X One can be removed for easier access in order to replace the SD and SIM card.

The speakers are positioned at the bottom of the handset, on the reverse side there is a fingerprint scanner and four capacitive buttons below the display.


ASUS Ecchellon X One

The Gamers Phone

The  ASUS Z2 POSEIDON  was designed with extreme Gamers in mind.

It’s equipped with a special  Fujitsu Loop Heat Pipe  to keep processor cool, make the device run smoothly all the time and always meet the needs of gaming. In addition, the device also has a  Air Cooling System  that will naturally push out all the heat from the battery and other components directly through the holes placed on each side of the phone ( via pipes from the middle of the handset or half shape pipes placed side by side, right next to the back cover ).  ASUS Z2 POSEIDON  sports top-shelf hardware, it has thin bezels and four front-firing speakers for the ultimate gaming experience.

Three models are available for the  ASUS Z2 POSEIDON  and in six different colors, carved out of Anodized Aluminum and Brushed Aluminum with Engraved Logos.  Anti Dust Mesh Grill is available in Black and Gray and the color of the physical buttons varies depending on the model.

Also, three different colors for the speaker frame is what separates them from one another.

Z2 Poseidon

Performance Without Compromise

The ASUS  Z1 Titan  is all about performance, power, superior sound quality and aesthetic.
Experience pure sound with 4 front – facing speakers like never before, whether is for playing music, videos or games.
Z1 Titan comes with a curved bottom and top part at the back that has a textured surface and feels comfortable to hold for long periods.
Alert slider is placed on the top, volume and power controls on the left and a dedicated camera button on the right side of the device.
With the beautiful and authentic aesthetic and multiple color design the passionate gamer have the option of choosing one of the Carbon Fiber Special Edition back covers.

Z1 Titan

Meet OnePlus 11


The idea of  OnePlus 10  &  OnePlus 11  is a different approach for better  ergonomics, easier usage, new appearance and styling of the smartphones.

For the perfect interaction, all physical buttons are embedded into the frame of the device.

OnePlus 10 comes in two different colors and  1+ LED notification & OnePlus 11 comes in three different colors and three different screen sizes.

All devices are crafted out of Anodized Aluminum and Steel.

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Xiaomi RedMi Trace

RedMi - Trace Series

Concept phones can be intriguing as they offer tasters of future possibilities, but it’s unusual to see a designer come up with a whole new range of devices. This new RedMi Series comes from designer Mladen Milic who has has gone a step further to come up with this lineup, consisting of a Redmi Trace TX I, TX II, XR I and XR II. The handsets are slim bezels and some nice color accents with curved design touches on the rear, you can also find the integration of the Mi logo as more of a touch of design on all four devices.

Take a look at these Xiaomi inspired RedMi Trace Series concept smartphones.

RedMi Trace Series

RedMi Trace Series are powered by CPUs of different strength and

their display size, type, memory and camera varies depending on the model.

Two of the phones comes with the speakers on the side and other two with

the speakers at the back. All devices come in Black – White with Red details.


RedMi - Trace 1 RedMi - Trace 2

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This Is Meizu HYDRA

The Droid We’re Due For

The fruit of smartphone-enthusiast Hege’s imagination, the Meizu Q Hydra is imagined as the latest addition to the budget-friendly Chinese brand’s array of devices. It strays from the trend of slippery curves with a geometric, angular form that’s both ergonomic and stable in the hand. Stark and futuristic, its colorless tones of black, white, light grey and dark grey are complimented by aluminum and chrome finishes . . .

Be different …


Over the past few years, smartphones have started to look more or less the same. But every once in a while we come across a concept smartphone which proves that its possible to create something inspiring and beautiful. Recently, we came across a concept device called Meizu Hydra. This particular concept phone was designed by Hege and the idea is pretty cool and hence.

The facade uses black and two shades of gray, the back uses one or two colors and five different color variants on the side of the phone. The striking design feature of the device is its curved shape at the bottom. This gives it a distinct look as compared to other phones in the market. The edges on the bottom part of the phone are all gently curved and the position of the speakers are set up to provide the perfect sound. Also, it is said that the phone will come in a few different materials.

Of course, this is just a basic concept design and we think it’s good to see that there are enthusiasts in the market who are ready to show off their own creations.

12Meizu Hydra


The design of this concept phone is very similar to Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, except for a few essential changes.
Beside a new fresh look, this time both sides of the screen are curved and both side areas are active and usable,
so it doesn’t matter if you are left handed or right handed you can use the handset with no worries.

The second thing that this concept stands out is portable external USB 3.0 memory.
There’s 64 GB of internal storage and 512 GB of external memory with 240 Mb/s reading and 160 Mb/s writing speed, protected by 128 bit encryption. Now you can transfer all of your work or personal data between home and the office easier, faster and safer and store old data with no hesitation wherever you go.

In order to take the external memory off, all you need to do is press a physical button.
The best thing is that the phone still operates with the external memory removed, so your calls, messages and emails are never interrupted. When external memory is placed back, you get compact and firm device on which you can always rely on.
Meet Samsung S Guardian … your new personal assistant.

Pushing the limits with Samsung Galaxy Note Edge to a New Level

Meet the new HTC e:voluti:on

The HTC e:voluti:on is so named for the innovative features that make it more ergonomic.
Specifically the shape of the edges aim to make it easier to grip naturally and convenient to hold for extended amounts of time.
Additionally the design explores the use of a curved display which also allows the back side to comfortably curve into the user’s palm. HTC evolution 1HTC evolution 4

Rethinking Smartphone Ergonomics


HTC e:voluti:on futuristic phone design has flair

Regular readers of phone reviews who are interested in smartphone concept designs may remember a recent one of an innovative Motorola RX. Now the same designer has echoed this with an HTC render and this HTC e:voluti:on futuristic phone design has real flair. We see many concept phones ideas and we were impressed with the Motorola RX as it showed something a little more inventive than most. Designer Mladen Milic has now given the treatment to this HTC e:voluti:on and we wonder what readers will think this time ?

The metal handset looks to have a premium build and is cutting-edge and extremely sleek, but the angular shape may look as though it wouldn’t be too comfortable to hold. However, this design is aimed at giving the phone a good feel for users and is ergonomically designed with a good grip and curved display. We feel this is another very impressive design concept from Mladen Milic and that it shows great attention to detail with many nice touches.

Do you think this design reflects the way that future smartphones might look ? Would you like to own the HTC e:voluti:on if it were available ?HTC Evolution ( DesignedbyHege )


Motorola RX smartphone design to turn heads


We often enjoy seeing concept designs as they can give us some nice teasers for future devices.
Many times the renders we see are of known upcoming smartphones, but sometimes we see a new idea.
Today we want to show readers a Motorola RX smartphone design with an innovative look that will turn heads…

This new render offers something rather more unusual as it looks ahead of its time.
It comes from designer Mladen Milic who has tried to steer his RX handset away from the usual looking creations to come up with something different. The shape of the edges is aimed at making the handset easier to grip and it should feel comfortable in the hand thanks to its slightly curved back. It also has a water-resistant body and we feel the blue accents for the volume controls and camera are a nice touch.

Another thing we really like with this RX phone concept is that the Motorola logo acts as a notification alert by glowing.
There’s a logo on each side of the phone so that you’ll still see the glow when it’s placed down.

This new Motorola RX phone design certainly has a distinctive look and we’d like to know what you think about it.

Would you like to see a future Motorola smartphone looking something like this RX design ?
What do you think would further improve this concept idea ?

Motorola RX ( DesignedbyHege )

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