Meet the new HTC e:voluti:on

The HTC e:voluti:on is so named for the innovative features that make it more ergonomic.
Specifically the shape of the edges aim to make it easier to grip naturally and convenient to hold for extended amounts of time.
Additionally the design explores the use of a curved display which also allows the back side to comfortably curve into the user’s palm. HTC evolution 1HTC evolution 4

Rethinking Smartphone Ergonomics


HTC e:voluti:on futuristic phone design has flair

Regular readers of phone reviews who are interested in smartphone concept designs may remember a recent one of an innovative Motorola RX. Now the same designer has echoed this with an HTC render and this HTC e:voluti:on futuristic phone design has real flair. We see many concept phones ideas and we were impressed with the Motorola RX as it showed something a little more inventive than most. Designer Mladen Milic has now given the treatment to this HTC e:voluti:on and we wonder what readers will think this time ?

The metal handset looks to have a premium build and is cutting-edge and extremely sleek, but the angular shape may look as though it wouldn’t be too comfortable to hold. However, this design is aimed at giving the phone a good feel for users and is ergonomically designed with a good grip and curved display. We feel this is another very impressive design concept from Mladen Milic and that it shows great attention to detail with many nice touches.

Do you think this design reflects the way that future smartphones might look ? Would you like to own the HTC e:voluti:on if it were available ?HTC Evolution ( DesignedbyHege )


Motorola RX smartphone design to turn heads


We often enjoy seeing concept designs as they can give us some nice teasers for future devices.
Many times the renders we see are of known upcoming smartphones, but sometimes we see a new idea.
Today we want to show readers a Motorola RX smartphone design with an innovative look that will turn heads…

This new render offers something rather more unusual as it looks ahead of its time.
It comes from designer Mladen Milic who has tried to steer his RX handset away from the usual looking creations to come up with something different. The shape of the edges is aimed at making the handset easier to grip and it should feel comfortable in the hand thanks to its slightly curved back. It also has a water-resistant body and we feel the blue accents for the volume controls and camera are a nice touch.

Another thing we really like with this RX phone concept is that the Motorola logo acts as a notification alert by glowing.
There’s a logo on each side of the phone so that you’ll still see the glow when it’s placed down.

This new Motorola RX phone design certainly has a distinctive look and we’d like to know what you think about it.

Would you like to see a future Motorola smartphone looking something like this RX design ?
What do you think would further improve this concept idea ?

Motorola RX ( DesignedbyHege )

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