Shadow info & specs

Sony Shadow 7

SONY SHADOW is about comfort, more free space for your fingers, roomier and clearer screen when playing games, watching videos, surfing or just texting.

“Royole” has developed World’s thinnest full color display, measuring 0.01 mm in thickness, so why not use it !?

Shadow has two such screen panels and when they’re fully opened, the display at the top can be lifted up to 45 degree angle for more comfortable viewing. Shadow’s second display, act as a touch based game-pad and keyboard. Several different options would be available when it comes to the control schemes and colors.

Users would be able to switch fast between gaming and texting as well due to the nature of the secondary display. LED notification alert is placed at an angle, to ensure you’ll see it whether it’s upside down or right side up. Touch-pad for scrolling is on the left side of the keyboard and on the right side you can find the zoom and enter buttons. Physical power and volume buttons are integrated into the metal side frame, also the ear speaker is integrated into the front facing speaker on top.

Shadow has a removable battery and it’s very easy to replace with another one and also to carry one with you. There is also one more small subsidiary battery, build in within the phone itself, which will provide just enough fuel and give the user just enough time to replace the batteries without restarting the device.

As for the specs, Sony Shadow would be fast with a Snapdragon 830 CPU, together with 6GB of RAM and Android 7.0 Nougat OS, protected by Gorilla Glass 6. It will also have an 8MP camera on the front for selfies, a 16MP rear camera and Dual Front-Facing speakers, all wrapped in metal body.


THOR – A fully modular smartphone project

THOR - A Modular Smartphone

                                                                                      Build  Your  Own  Smartphone

With  T H O Rusers will be able to change each and every component with a wide range of modules  which will eventually give almost endless possibilities. Modules can be easily removed by pulling a small lever which is located on the side, so when you remove a module, all you have to do is simply pop another one instead. You can Add, Swap, Bestow or Sell ( reduce electronic waste ) and then buy some new crucial components like: RAM, CPU, GPU, ROM and even add a Fingerprint Scanner at the back of the device.

There are several size shapes that you can choose from: Mini Tower, Mid Tower & Big Tower and they’re different in size. The Mini Tower comes with a 4.7-inch display, the Mid Tower with a 5-inch display, the Big Tower features a 5.5-inch display and there is also other options, like a 6-inch display or even bigger.

Both front and back ( Top and Bottom Parts ) are replaceable, with varieties of different and some new Designs, Shapes, Styles and Colors. Replacement Parts are available in Plastic, Metal, Glass and other Materials with many different Textures. Front Camera can be chosen as 2MP, 5MP or 8MP + and Rear Camera can be chosen as 5MP, 8MP, 16MP, 21MP, 26MP + and also there is an option with a Dual Camera.

Yes,  T H O R  is a combination between and inspired by  ZTE’s Eco-Mobius concept and Google’s Project Ara, but in the other hand  T H O R  is very unique in it’s own way because it has so much more to offer, so many different options and possibilities. It’s a device that can be fully disassembled and put together with parts, combined to the users taste, it is indication of different combos that all users can have. You can customize Your Smartphone the way you always wanted with no restrictions.

The Freedom of choosing both Front and Back parts of the phone with several different Shapes + the new ones, left out from the images shown. Fingerprint Scanner, Physical Home Button or Capacitive Buttons with different icons is all up to users to choose. The users can even opt for a Classic screen, 2.5D screen or Curved screen and choose the quality of Back Cover from a wide variety of Textures, Colors, Designs and different Materials.

With  T H O R  you won’t have to worry much if you accidentally drop it or fear it will break into pieces and you won’t even have to fear losing a module.  Metal connectors, Slide-in Rails and a good number of Bolts are what makes sure that the different components will find their place secured. Project  T H O R  is all about Safety, Freedom of Choice and Personal Taste for Everyone.

The thought, that you are constrained when purchasing a new smartphone that you don’t like something about it, for example some small detail, some part of it or you just wish it was just a bit different in some way. Well  with  T H O R  there is no restrictions, you can build your own smartphone how you like it and only how you like it. It’s fully  Upgradeable, Customizable, Repareable and Replaceable and there are endless possibilities and limitless options.


BUGATTI,  a French manufacturer of high-performance, luxurious and limited production sports cars, known for their design beauty, power and speed…
For those who are not familiar, Bugatti also has a collection of Men and Women high-quality clothes and accessories…but, you must agree
that one thing is missing in their collection and that’s a Bugatti smartphone!

So here it is. This is my vision of Bugatti CHRONOS.


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The ASUS Ecchellon X One design is counterculture to more simplistic smartphones with a more muscular aesthetic and attractive new type of uni-body chassis.
The body is made of metal, except for the bottom part on the right corner of the device, that comes in a variety of colors and different materials and the ‘ A ‘ logo – made of special anti slip materials for better grip and to give the Ecchellon that special feel when holding the handset.
The bottom part on the Ecchellon X One can be removed for easier access in order to replace the SD and SIM card.

The speakers are positioned at the bottom of the handset, on the reverse side there is a fingerprint scanner and four capacitive buttons below the display.


ASUS Ecchellon X One

The Gamers Phone

The  ASUS Z2 POSEIDON  was designed with extreme Gamers in mind.

It’s equipped with a special  Fujitsu Loop Heat Pipe  to keep processor cool, make the device run smoothly all the time and always meet the needs of gaming. In addition, the device also has a  Air Cooling System  that will naturally push out all the heat from the battery and other components directly through the holes placed on each side of the phone ( via pipes from the middle of the handset or half shape pipes placed side by side, right next to the back cover ).  ASUS Z2 POSEIDON  sports top-shelf hardware, it has thin bezels and four front-firing speakers for the ultimate gaming experience.

Three models are available for the  ASUS Z2 POSEIDON  and in six different colors, carved out of Anodized Aluminum and Brushed Aluminum with Engraved Logos.  Anti Dust Mesh Grill is available in Black and Gray and the color of the physical buttons varies depending on the model.

Also, three different colors for the speaker frame is what separates them from one another.

Z2 Poseidon

Performance Without Compromise

The ASUS  Z1 Titan  is all about performance, power, superior sound quality and aesthetic.
Experience pure sound with 4 front – facing speakers like never before, whether is for playing music, videos or games.
Z1 Titan comes with a curved bottom and top part at the back that has a textured surface and feels comfortable to hold for long periods.
Alert slider is placed on the top, volume and power controls on the left and a dedicated camera button on the right side of the device.
With the beautiful and authentic aesthetic and multiple color design the passionate gamer have the option of choosing one of the Carbon Fiber Special Edition back covers.

Z1 Titan

Meet OnePlus 11


The idea of  OnePlus 10  &  OnePlus 11  is a different approach for better  ergonomics, easier usage, new appearance and styling of the smartphones.

For the perfect interaction, all physical buttons are embedded into the frame of the device.

OnePlus 10 comes in two different colors and  1+ LED notification & OnePlus 11 comes in three different colors and three different screen sizes.

All devices are crafted out of Anodized Aluminum and Steel.

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Meet iPhone HEERRA


Designed with emphasis on curves and a super-slim profile, the iPhone Heerra is one for the ladies. Its softer aesthetic is a feminine alternative to the more masculine, industrial look of current and past iPhone models, yet it maintains the familiar minimalist look.

It has a rounded aluminum chassis and On/Off switchable LED Apple logo on all three devices.

Available colors: Silver-Black & Gold-White with a small touch of purple.

iPhone H E E R R A


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Xiaomi RedMi Trace

RedMi - Trace Series

Concept phones can be intriguing as they offer tasters of future possibilities, but it’s unusual to see a designer come up with a whole new range of devices. This new RedMi Series comes from designer Mladen Milic who has has gone a step further to come up with this lineup, consisting of a Redmi Trace TX I, TX II, XR I and XR II. The handsets are slim bezels and some nice color accents with curved design touches on the rear, you can also find the integration of the Mi logo as more of a touch of design on all four devices.

Take a look at these Xiaomi inspired RedMi Trace Series concept smartphones.

RedMi Trace Series

RedMi Trace Series are powered by CPUs of different strength and

their display size, type, memory and camera varies depending on the model.

Two of the phones comes with the speakers on the side and other two with

the speakers at the back. All devices come in Black – White with Red details.


RedMi - Trace 1 RedMi - Trace 2

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